Air Board Prepares for New Climate Change Scoping Plan

At the Air Board’s April hearing, Air Board staff provided an overview of the next Climate Change Scoping Plan update, including the timeline to develop the plan and some major new areas it will include. The Scoping Plan provides the framework for achieving California’s climate goals.  Air Board staff proposed several new focus areas for the next Scoping Plan that are directly related to bioenergy, including:

  • Consideration of a renewable gas procurement requirement
  • A plan for achieving carbon neutrality by mid-century
  • Incorporating Natural and Working Lands into the Scoping Plan

See:  ARB presentation on Climate Scoping Plan (4.23.20)

2017 Climate Change Scoping Plan Update

In January, the California Air Resources Board released the Climate Change Scoping Plan Update, which includes strategies and alternatives to meet the state’s 2030 emissions reduction goals.

Read the 2030 Scoping Plan Update (Jan 2017)

BAC Comments on 2030 Scoping Plan Update

BAC submitted comments on the Air Resources Board’s Discussion Draft, released December 2016, on how to meet the state’s 2030 climate change targets.  BAC’ strongly supports ARB’s recommendations for renewable gas, but urges ARB to include greater transparency in the Scoping Plan.

Read BAC Comments on 2030 Scoping Plan Update (Dec 2016)


AB 32 Scoping Plan Update

Click to view the complete AB 32 Scoping Plan Update pdf

In May 2014, the California Air Resources Board adopted the first five-year update to its Climate Change Scoping Plan under AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act.  The purpose of the Update is to describe progress to date, provide an integrated framework for measures going forward, provide an update on climate science and particularly the role of Short-Lived Climate Pollutants, and identify priorities for research and investment going forward.