BioCycle Announces the Launch of BAC


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The launch of the Bioenergy Association of California was announced in January, 2013 by BioCycle magazine.

The Bioenergy Association of California (BAC) is a new association to promote sustainable bioenergy production in the state. Its renewable energy “umbrella” includes electricity, biogas, renewable liquid fuels, combined heat and power, and other energy generated from organic waste. “BAC is focused on promoting community-scale bioenergy generation from organic waste sources, including dairy and agricultural waste, food and food processing wastes, other organic urban wastes, wastewater treatment, forest biomass and water treatment gas and wastes,” explains Julia Levin, Executive Director.

“We are advocating for legislation and regulatory policies such as feed-in tariffs, utility purchase requirements (SB 1122), funding programs such as EPIC and AB 118, and more. BAC will also be an active participant in proceedings on pipeline biogas, renewable transportation fuels, greenhouse gas reduction (AB 32) and other issues affecting the industry.”