Truckee CA to Get Forest Powered Electricity

As reported by California’s Capital Public Radio, Phoenix Energy is one step closer to building a  2MW CHP plant in Truckee, CA fueled by forest fuels reduction efforts.  Placer County has approved contracts to provide wood to the plant built by Phoenix Energy. The proposed site is the Eastern Regional Landfill, two miles south of Truckee off Highway 89.  The plant will cost $12 million and is expected to be operating by early 2016.

“There is nothing more expensive than free wood in a forest. I mean we have to go in there an get it and chip it and dry it and use it,” said Greg Stragl, Phoenix CEO, referring to the catastrophic wildfires resulting from hazardous fuel buildup in forests. “We take small power plants to where people use electricity, where the fuel is.”

Hear the Capitol Public Radio report.