BAC Applauds CPUC for SB 1122 Bioenergy Procurement Decision

Sacramento, Calif., December 18, 2014  –  The Bioenergy Association of California (BAC) applauds the CPUC for its decision today to advance community scale bioenergy development.  The decision adopted by the CPUC today adopts many of BAC’s recommendations to ensure that the program will meet the goals of SB 1122 to commercialize the small-scale bioenergy industry and to ensure that all waste sectors in the program can participate.

The decision launches a 250 megawatt feed-in tariff program for small-scale bioenergy projects, which convert organic waste to energy.  The decision, which is required by Senate Bill 1122 (Rubio, 2012), will help California to meet its clean energy, greenhouse gas reduction and landfill diversion goals.  It will also increase jobs, energy security and economic development in California.

SB 1122 requires 250 MW of electricity generated from organic waste, including:

110 MW generated from organic waste that would otherwise be landfilled, wastewater treatment, co-digestion and food processing;
90 MW from dairy and agricultural waste; and
50 MW from forestry waste from high wildfire hazard zones.

Read the BAC Press Release

Read the document from the CPUC: Decision Implementing Senate Bill 1122