CEC First Triennial Investment Plan Development

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Energy Research and Development Division Efficiency and Renewable Energy Division California Energy Commission

  • In its EPIC Phase 2 decision, the CPUC designated the Energy Commission as one of four administrators of the program.
  • The Energy Commission’s development work on the EPIC investment plan is being conducted in accordance with recent legislation, Senate Bill 1018 (Chapter 39, Statutes of 2012), and overlaps significantly with the Energy Commission’s broad authority under Public Resources Code Sections 25216 (c) and 25401.
  • All funds will be administered under CPUC oversight.
  • Energy Commission staff developed the draft EPIC investment plan with input and guidance from Energy Commission Chair Robert B. Weisenmiller, in his capacity as the lead commissioner on research, development, and demonstration matters, and with input and guidance from Commissioner Carla Peterman, in her capacity as lead commissioner on renewable energy matters.