Governor Brown to sign Senate Bill 605

Governor Brown has announced he will sign bill to reduce the most potent climate pollutants.

Governor Brown announced over the weekend that he intends to sign Senate Bill 605, by Senator Ricardo Lara, which requires the California Air Resources Board to adopt a comprehensive strategy to reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants, including methane and black carbon. Methane is 28 to 84 times more potent a climate pollutant than carbon dioxide, and black carbon is hundreds to thousands of times more potent than carbon dioxide as a climate pollutant. Bioenergy is one of the most effective strategies to reduce methane and black carbon emissions. Bioenergy converts methane from organic waste into the lowest carbon transportation fuels and renewable energy. Bioenergy reduces black carbon emissions by reducing forest fires, which cause 52 percent of all black carbon emissions in California, and by replacing diesel with cleaner and lower emission biogas. Bioenergy will be an important strategy to meet the goals of SB 605


California Legislative Information to read the full text of the bill.