BAC Comments on LCFS Reauthorization

BAC Comments on LCFS Proposal

The Bioenergy Association of California offers its strong support for re-adoption of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard with two additions that will help to achieve the standard and meet other state policy goals. In particular, we urge the Air Resources Board to:

  • Finalize the fuel pathway and carbon intensity values for fuels derived from organic waste; and
  • Provide long term certainty for the value of low carbon fuel credits through a price floor and support for a Green Credit Reserve (AB 2390, Muratsuchi), which will enable developers to finance projects to produce low carbon fuels.

Many of BAC’s members currently produce, or are developing projects that will produce, low carbon and carbon negative fuels made from organic waste, including diverted food and other municipal organic waste, biogas from wastewater treatment facilities and dairies, and other organic waste sources. Yet these projects barely begin to scratch the surface of the organic waste that is available to produce clean, low carbon transportation fuels.