Bionergy and the Solid Waste Sector

California landfills millions of tons of food, yard and other organic waste each year.  Converting that waste to energy and the biogas generated from waste already in landfills could generate nearly 1 billion gallons per year of low carbon transportation fuels or almost 4,000 MW of renewable electricity – enough to power more than 1 million homes. The public health and economic benefits of converting that organic waste to energy would be huge, including:

  • Producing low carbon and carbon negative transportation fuels;
  • Cutting toxic air pollutants and smog, especially in Disadvantaged Communities;
  • Producing baseload and flexible generation renewable power needed to complement wind and solar;
  • Helping California to meet its waste diversion goals;
  • Producing jobs and revenues in every region of the state.

To learn more, download BAC Fact Sheet – Bioenergy in the Solid Waste Sector