Governor Proposes California’s 2021-22 Budget

Governor Newsom has released his budget proposal for the remainder of FY 2021 and the next fiscal year, which begins July 1.  The Governor has proposed increased funding for wildfire mitigation, including funding for the use of forest waste, and for heavy duty vehicles.  The proposed budget also includes funding for Healthy Soils, agricultural engine replacement, restoration of natural lands, and a Climate Catalyst Fund to provide low cost financing for clean energy development and other purposes.  Unfortunately, the proposed budget does not include funding for organic waste diversion or dairy digesters.

The Governor’s January budget proposal is available here.

New Report Highlights Importance of Bioenergy to Meet Climate Goals

Lawrence Livermore National Labs has just released a groundbreaking report on how California can reach carbon neutrality by mid-century.  The report finds that reaching carbon neutrality is feasible with existing technologies, but only if California invests much more in carbon negative actions that can offset the carbon emissions that can’t be eliminated.  The report highlights several areas where carbon negative emissions are achievable and quite cost-effective:  Bioenergy, biochar and other forms of carbon sequestration, restoring natural and working lands, and carbon capture and storage.  Of these, the report concludes that bioenergy will provide the greatest share of carbon negative emissions by mid-century, and at a small fraction of the cost of carbon reductions under California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard or Cap & Trade programs.

Download the Executive Summary and Full Report to learn more.

BAC Members Receive $32 of $35 Million for Dairy Digesters

In late October, the California Department of Food and Agriculture announced the recipients of $35 million in grants for dairy digester research and development.   Of the 16 projects that received CDFA funding, 15 are being developed by BAC members Anaergia, Calgren Dairy Fuels LLC, California Bioenergy, and Southern California Gas Company.  Congratulations to all !!

See CDFA’s announcement and the project descriptions.

Cap & Trade Expenditure Plan 2014-15

Click to view the complete Cap and Trade Expenditure Plan 2014-15 pdf

California’s Cap and Trade program sets a statewide limit on the GHG sources responsible for 85 percent of California GHG emissions. Through an auction mechanism, it establishes a financial incentive for industries subject to the statewide cap to make long‑term investments in cleaner fuels, more efficient energy use, and transformational technological and scientific innovations.  In 2014, the state allocated $832 million in auction revenues to various greenhouse gas reduction measures, including measures to promote bioenergy such as organic waste diversion, dairy digesters and projects to reduce wildfire.

BAC Comments on Draft Investment Plan

Click to view the complete BAC Comments on Draft Investment Plan pdf

Comments on Draft Cap-and-Trade Auction Proceeds Investment Plan

The Bioenergy Association of California appreciates the opportunity to comment on the Draft Cap-and-Trade Auction Proceeds Investment Plan released on April 16. The Draft Investment Plan improves upon the Draft Concept Plan released in February in several important respects, particularly the additions of waste diversion, forest management, wastewater biogas, and agricultural management. The Bioenergy Association of California strongly supports these additions and urges the Air Resources Board to increase the proportion of funding for the Natural Resources and Waste Diversion category overall. We also urge the Air Resources Board to include funding focused specifically on the development of low carbon transportation fuels.