BAC Petitions CPUC to Revise BioMAT Program

BAC has petitioned the CPUC to modify the BioMAT program to meet the requirement of SB 1122 to procure 250 MW of bioenergy from new, small-scale bioenergy facilities.  BAC has asked the CPUC to remove or extend the BioMAT program end date, since SB 1122 contained no end date or offramp of any kind.   BAC also asked the CPUC to make changes to the BioMAT decision that will help to reduce interconnection costs and timelines.

To read BAC’s Petition to the CPUC and its reply to comments on the Petition, click below.

BAC Petition to Modify BioMAT Decision

BAC’s Reply to Responses to its Petition to Modify BioMAT Decision

Counties Urge CPUC to Support Biomass and Biogas

Fifteen California counties and the Rural County Representatives of California urge the CPUC to adopt policies to increase baseload and flexible generation power, including biomass and biogas, as part of California’s 50 percent renewable power requirement.  The counties lay out the many benefits of biomass and biogas for ratepayers and the public, including renewable power to complement wind and solar, provide grid stability, reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants, protect water and hydropower supplies, protect utility infrastructure from wildfire, and provide economic development in rural communities.

See the Counties’ letter to CPUC


CPUC Staff Proposal on SB 1122 Implementation

Click to view the complete Final Staff Proposal pdf

The CPUC Final Staff Proposal, issued in November 2013, makes recommendations on implementation of SB 1122 including:  interaction with the Feed-in Tariff, allocation by utility, pricing issues, definitions of eligible feedstock, multifuel facilities, determination and maintenance of bioenergy category, viability screens and definition of “strategically located.”


Final RE-MAT Decision


Click to view the Final RE-MAT Decision for renewable energy projects up to 3 MW in size.

This decision orders Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), Southern California Edison Company (SCE), and San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E) to revise their Feed-in Tariff (FiT) programs to include a new streamlined standard contract and revised tariffs. The new streamlined standard contract incorporates the FiT program requirements adopted in Decision (D.) 12-05-035,1 as modified.2 The terms of the standard contract and the provisions of the related tariff are adopted herein and will be implemented through a Tier 2 advice letter filing.
The FiT program is established pursuant to Pub. Util. Code § 399.20,3 as amended, by Senate Bill (SB) 380 (Kehoe, Stats. 2008, ch. 544, § 1), SB 32 (Negrete McLeod, Stats. 2009, ch. 328, § 3.5), and SB 2 of the 2011-2012 First Extraordinary Session (Simitian, Stats. 2011, ch. 1) (SB 2 1X).   This decision does not address the recently effective amendments to § 399.20, enacted by SB 1122 (Rubio, Stats. 2012, ch. 612). We will address SB 1122, and modify the FiT program accordingly, in a subsequent decision.