CA Board of Forestry Adopts Biomass Utilization Plan

On November 4, the California Board of Forestry adopted a forest biomass utilization plan that recommends many actions to put California’s extensive forest waste to beneficial re-use, including numerous bioenergy recommendations.  Some of the most important recommendations related to bioenergy are:

  • Consolidated permitting
  • State procurement of bioenergy
  • Inclusion of forest biomass in microgrid tariffs
  • Allocating 20% of electricity and gas R&D funding (EPIC and PIER) to forest biomass, including biomass to hydrogen projects
  • Adopting pipeline standards for biomass and hydrogen
  • Incentivizing both electricity and pipeline interconnection for forest biomass projects
  • Incentivizing use of forest biomass under the Low Carbon Fuel Standard
  • Increasing BioMAT category 3 (forest waste) to 250 MW and allowing Community Choice Aggregators (CCA’s) and publicly owned utilities to participate in the program
  • Requiring a portion of new RPS power to be baseload and flexible generation

Read:  Joint Institute Wood and Biomass Utilization Recommendations

BAC Comments on Interconnection for Forest BioMAT Projects

In August, the CPUC sought comments on implementation of SB 840, which waives some interconnection requirements for forest BioMAT projects.  BAC’s Comments and Reply Comments are below.

R 15-02-020 BAC Comments on ALJ Ruling (BioMAT Interconnection)

R 15-02-020 BAC Reply Comments on ALJ Ruling (BioMAT)

CPUC Decision Reduces Interconnection Cost Uncertainty

The CPUC has taken an important step in reducing the cost uncertainties and variability facing bioenergy developers.  In late June, the Commission adopted a “Cost Envelope Approach” to interconnection costs for distributed generation (electricity) projects that prevents utilities from increasing interconnection costs more than 25 percent between the initial estimate and final costs to interconnect.  The Decision also requires greater transparency so that, over time, costs should begin to go down for distributed generation bioenergy projects.  To learn more, click on the Final Decision, below.

Final Decision adopting Cost Envelope Approach (June 2016)

BAC’s Proposal on BioMAT Interconnection Issues

In early May, the CPUC issued a ruling seeking comments on BAC’s proposal to address interconnection barriers for BioMAT projects.  BAC’s comments and the CPUC’s ruling are below.

R 15-02-020 BAC Comments on ALJ BioMAT Ruling

ALJ Ruling on Forest BioMAT Interconnection

Interconnection Tariff


^ Click for more CPUC’s Interconnection Proceeding ^

Electric Rule 21 is a tariff that describes the interconnection, operating and metering requirements for generation facilities to be connected to a utility’s distribution system, over which the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has jurisdiction.


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